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2013 Lecompte Pie Festival Queen

Brandy Milliman

Brandy is a Freshman at the University of Louisiana, Lafayette.She imagines herself in four years, teaching high school in a huge art studio, with classical music flowing, and student’s pencils sketching.


Brandy understands the value of mentors and believes in nurturing the creative hearts of kids.Having classes in art makes school fun and motivates success.


Athletics should also be a part of a young person’s life.  Brandy has been Captain of her High School swim team for many years, and holds the record at her high school for the 500 Yard Swim.  She currently coaches the New Iberia Aquatics summer team.


Other extra-curricular activities like 4-H help children develop skills they will use the rest of their lives.  Brandy has been extremely active in Louisiana 4-H since she was four, starting the program by helping her big brother, Bradley, with his rabbits.  4-H has been a huge part of her life.  She learned how to be a leader and how to find ways to help her community.  Brandy’s favorite part of the program was being on the State 4-H Fashion Board, meeting with fashionisttas like herself who love to sew, walk the runway, and glitterize.  Brandy was co-chair this past year, helping the state group plan and teach others in Louisiana about fashion.


Brandy plans on becoming a sponsor for 4-H and the Key Club.  Parents need more positive activities for their children that are free.  It is the community that helps to raise a child.  Brandy knows this because she has had so many, many wonderful mentors help her get to where she is today.

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